LTH11 Structuring Your Single Page Application with Durandal


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Brian Noyes

CTO and Co-founder


When you decide to build your HTML application as a SPA, you have a number of things to build, including views, view models, client side services and you have to figure out how to put all those together and get them tied together at runtime. Durandal is a JavaScript library that helps you do just that - it helps you use conventions for where your different kinds of client side JS types go and what they are named so that they can be easily loaded and tied together at runtime. You'll see how to use Durandal to get views and view models loaded up and tied together, how to navigate between child views in your SPA with deep linking through the URLs, and how to manage dependencies between the various types in your client side JavaScript.

You will learn:

  • >How to associate views and view models through conventions
  • How to navigate between child views with Durandal
  • How to manage dependencies between client modules